Why build an unwanted structure and waste money: Vashi residents ask NMMC

Navi Mumbai / Vashi: Residents of Vashi have been angered by the construction of an unwanted structure inside a civic garden in the locality. They claim that it is unwanted and merely being developed for the sake of money.

On Wednesday, several residents of Vashi carried out a protest march against a concrete structure coming up inside the Smt Meenatai Thackeray Municipal Garden, located at sector 17. Protestors claimed that a huge amount of money was being spent on constructing an air-conditioned room inside the civic garden, which was unnecessary and a complete waste of money.

Residents questioned why the NMMC was keen on building an air conditioned room in a garden, where people come to stroll and exercise in fresh air. They claimed that it was not being constructed for the locals as they could never demand something as silly as that.

The construction would further reduce public space in the garden, residents said.

Many of the residents bluntly claimed that it was nothing but another case of corruption at the official level.

NMMC municipal commissioner, AB Misal had given assurance to locals some time back that the construction inside the garden would be stalled. However, residents say that nothing has been done to ensure it’s stalling.

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