Ride the Change: Yulu Bikes make a grand entry into Kharghar

The Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) System was finally launched on Sunday

Ride the Change: Yulu Bikes come to Kharghar
BJP MLA and CIDCO Chairman, Prashant Thakur, riding a Yulu cycle during the event

Navi Mumbai / Kharghar / PMC: Cycling enthusiasts and health conscious people in Kharghar will now have the chance to help reduce the carbon footprint of the city while ensuring a regular health routine for themselves. Why? Well, as the title tells, Yulu Bikes are now here with their simple yet effective offering to make a difference. The cycle sharing service was launched on Sunday in the presence of dignitaries and local residents.

BJP MLA and CIDCO Chairman, Prashant Thakur and CIDCO Vice President and MD, Lokesh Chandra, inaugurated the event in the presence of local residents that included enthusiastic children, waiting to ride the cycles for the first time.

The dignitaries were all praises for the efforts of Yulu and the fact that it was the first such node to get the service launched in the PMC region. Thakur and Chandra inaugurated the service by jointly cutting the ribbon and then setting off for the first maiden ride of the event, much to the joy of all present.

Ride the Change: Yulu Bikes come to Kharghar
CIDCO VP & MD, Lokesh Chandra and BJP MLA & CIDCO Chairman Prashant Thakur, starting off with the maiden ride of Yulu cycles in Kharghar

“We look forward to the participation of people and the successful running of the cycling service in Kharghar and the other nodes that will follow,” Thakur said.

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After the formal inauguration was done with, people took turns at riding the cycles around for a bit. While grown-ups had their reasons to be there, children were the happiest lot. For once, they were getting free rides on beautifully designed cycles.

Arpita Rajpal, an enthusiastic student, expressed her joy, “Now I can move around in Kharghar on the cycle, to my tuitions, to market and wherever I wish to.”

Among the participants, were a group of cycling enthusiasts under the banner of Everest Cycling Culture, a dynamic group of people, striving for a change through the culture of cycling.

Kids at the event

The cycles will now be available for renting out and the locations of the pickup points can be known from the official app of Yulu, available on Playstore.

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