How to use Yulu cycles and the charges involved

Renting a Yulu cycle, charges and other things to know

Navi Mumbai: Yulu bikes have been covering major nodes with Kharghar being the newest one to flag off the service. While it has been talk of the town, many still find themselves wondering about the way to use the service. We simplify it for you. To begin with, Yulu brings forth two versions, one called […]

Ride the Change: Yulu Bikes come to Kharghar

Ride the Change: Yulu Bikes make a grand entry into Kharghar

The Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) System was finally launched on Sunday Navi Mumbai / Kharghar / PMC: Cycling enthusiasts and health conscious people in Kharghar will now have the chance to help reduce the carbon footprint of the city while ensuring a regular health routine for themselves. Why? Well, as the title tells, Yulu Bikes […]

CIDCO might launch Kharghar cycling service this Sunday

CIDCO might launch Kharghar cycling service this Sunday

CIDCO officials promise to inaugurate the service after calling it off twice this week Navi Mumbai / Kharghar / PMC: The City and Industrial Development Corporation’s (CIDCO) Public Bicycle Sharing System (PBSS) might get launched coming Sunday after it was cancelled twice, the latest cancellation being on Thursday. It was another day of disappointment for […]