Onion and vegetable prices skyrocket in Navi Mumbai as supplies dip at APMC

Even when export of onion has been banned, the prices have been touching new highs at Vashi APMC

Navi Mumbai / Vashi APMC: The retail price of onion is scaling and has reached to as much as Rs. 50 per kg in the retail markets of Navi Mumbai. This has happened even when there is an active ban on the export of onion.

And it is not just the price of onions that have increased. Some other vegetables too are seeing a rise in retail prices.

As per available information, there has been a sharp decline in the number of trucks supplying onion-potato to the APMC market. As compared to 200 trucks that the market receives on normal days, it is getting merely 80 trucks or so currently.

On top of that, the quality of onions and potatoes is also below average and hence cannot be stored for longer durations. That would explain the traders over charging.

Apparently, the premium quality of onion was exported long back, during the early days of lockdown in Navi Mumbai.

Prices can only come down if and when new crops arrive in the market during the month of October-November.

Navi Mumbai residents are now struggling to buy vegetables as the prices are now going upwards.

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