No more traffic snarls at CBD-Belapur flyover as PWD completes concretisation work

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Navi Mumbai / CBD-Belapur: The Public Works Department (PWD) has thrown open all three lanes at the CBD-Belapur flyover, much to the delight of motorists. The work had been underway since the month of March.

The flyover had been shut for concretization work after monsoons lashed out in full force last year creating craters and potholes at many places. Residents had expressed their ire with the shoddy quality of work then. A PIL was filed in the high court putting agencies into action and the repairs started. In about three months’ time, all the craters and potholes have been patched along the flyover and the highway.

The opening up of all the three lanes is meant to put an end to the endless traffic snarls at CBD-Belapur flyover that used to get extended till the Kharghar Flyover on busy days.

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