Navi Mumbai ‘Mini Lockdown’ met with angry protests

Local shopkeepers in Kharghar, Kalamboli, Panvel, Seawoods and several other nodes protested angrily, even blocking police vans for ordering shutting down of all non-essential businesses.

Navi Mumbai ‘Mini Lockdown’ met with angry protests
Shop owners in Kharghar, Kalamboli and Seawoods, angrily protested against the ‘Mini Lockdown’.

Navi Mumbai: There were crowded protests against the ‘Mini Lockdown’ in both NMMC and PMC areas, on 6th April, 2021, as angry shopkeepers decided to go vocal when the police came about to announce shutting down of all shops and businesses except for essential services. The protesters resented the way the lockdown has been turned into a full-time lockdown for non-essential services.

Residents must be aware that there has been an unprecedented surge in the number of covid-19 cases and the Maharashtra government has brought restrictions into immediate effect in what is dubbed as the ‘Mini Lockdown’.

The lockdown has called for shutting down of all shops and business establishments till 30th April, 2021.

In Navi Mumbai too, the growing number of covid-19 cases led the administration to spring into action, ordering for the observance of the ‘Mini Lockdown’, which however, asked for shutting down of all shops and business that don’t deal in essential service.

This led to a high level of disagreement between the administration and shop owners in Navi Mumbai, as many gathered in angry protests against what they have called an ‘Inhumane Decision’ against local business owners.

Navi Mumbai shopkeepers and business owners have now been asking – “Who will feed our families during the lockdown?”

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In Kharghar, angry shop owners gathered in huge numbers as the police van came around announcing closure of shops. They protested angrily and even blocked the police van that had been doing the rounds. It was after the intervention of Kharghar Senior Police Inspector Shatrughan Mali, that the angry protesters dispersed.

In Kalamboli, shop owners sat down in agitation in front of the ward office, demanding lifting of the lockdown.

In Seawoods too, many angry shop owners bluntly expressed their resentment and said that they would carry out daily business irrespective of what the administration had to say.

Many shop owners even questioned why small businesses were being targeted by the administration in Navi Mumbai even when crowded places like Dmart were allowed to conduct business as susual.

Some of the protestors even went on to say that they were being pushed to the point of taking drastic steps, like ending their lives, owing to the rash decisions taken by the administration.

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