Kharghar fire brigade rescues kitten stranded on 12th floor ledge

The little kitten was being pecked by several birds, was hurt, scared and crying out for help.

Kharghar fire brigade rescues kitten stranded on 12th floor ledge

Kharghar / Panvel / Navi Mumbai: The Kharghar fire brigade has been doing a commendable job at rescuing stranded animals in the area. From rescuing street dogs, cats and birds, they have been at the beck and call of people calling in for animal rescues.

On Thursday, 16 December 2021, the Kharghar (CIDCO) fire station answered a frantic call of a resident of Swapnapoorti CHS in sector 36, Kharghar, informing them about a stray kitten stranded on a ledge situated on the 12th floor of L-23, in the mass housing society.

The resident had heard cries of a kitten and after some effort, had found the little animal sitting helplessly, on a ledge of the 12th floor of his building. Many others had gathered around to help but to no avail.

“We tried a lot to get the kitten off the ledge but it was impossible for us to reach out to her owing to the distance, and the fear of her falling off the ledge,” said one of the local residents.

The Kharghar Fire Brigade in action on Thursday as they bring the stranded kitten down to safety (Video sourced by Sunny Pandey)

When individual efforts failed to bear results, the fire department was called in.  

“It was clear that we needed experts, so we called the fire brigade and they wasted no time in reaching our society,” another resident said.

Once the fire fighters figured out the scenario, they used a hydraulic ladder, also called a Bronto skylift, to reach the kitten.

“Reaching the kitten was not the only thing to be done as the animal was scared, and clueless about everything. Then there was always a chance of it getting scared even further, and falling off trying to get away from us,” said one of the fire fighters.

However, the fire fighters proceeded with caution and after a long time of consoling and taming, finally got hold of it and brought it back to safety.

It took around two hours of patient efforts to successfully rescue the kitten from the ledge.

More than a hundred residents had gathered to watch the kitten being rescued and waited with baited breaths as the fire fighters brought her to ground level.

The crowd erupted with joy as the kitten touched ground and simply ran away to her normal life.

Of all the people gathered at the spot, children were the happiest.

“The fire fighters are the super heroes for the stray animals in Kharghar. They are awesome,” said many of the little ones in joy.

Recently, the Kharghar fire brigade had rescued a stray puppy after it had slipped inside an open gutter in sector 35 I, Kharghar.

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The prompt fire fighters at the Kharghar fire station have been praised a lot for their animal rescues in the node recently.

Our ( View:

The fire fighters of the Kharghar fire brigade have actually been very animal friendly in recent times. Frankly, they have been all around the node, rescuing helpless animals. We have seen them in action ourselves and cannot help repeat what the children had to say about them – they are the super heroes for stray animals.

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