Domestic flights to resume with these set of rules

India Domestic Flights will resume from Monday with only one-third of the original capacity and a whole new set of mandatory rules

Domestic flights to resume with these set of rules
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As airlines prepare to commence flights from Monday, 25 May, 2020, we sum up just about every rule and regulation that has been made mandatory for airports, airlines and passengers.

Domestic flights: New Guidelines by the DGCA

  • Passengers residing in ‘red zones’ or containment zones, will not be allowed to travel at all
  • Elderly people, pregnant women, and people with health issues will be advised not to travel much as a preventive measure for their own sake.
  • Web check-in will be the only way to enter airport premises
  • All passengers will be screened thermally at the entry gate of the airport
  • Airlines to provide a safety kit including three-layered surgical masks, a face shield and sanitisers to all their passengers at the boarding gates.
  • Passengers will not be allowed to make use of chairs marked ‘not for use’ in any way
  • Only one check-in bag will be allowed in with a passenger
  • All airports will be required to make announcements, constantly reminding passengers and staff to follow the guidelines
  • Aarogya Setu app and ‘green status check’ is mandatory for all passengers.
  • Those marked ‘red’ won’t on the app be allowed to travel
  • Children below 14 years won’t need to be marked on the app
  • All passengers will be required to board planes in batches, always maintaining the required social distance.
  • As once debated, the middle seats in aeroplanes will not be kept vacant
  • The cabin crew will have to be covered up in full protective suits
  • Though Food/beverages outlets will remain open inside the airport terminal building passengers will have to follow social distancing and other protocols
  • No in-flight food will be provided by the airlines. However, water bottles will have to be made available by the airlines, preferably on the seats
  • Passengers will not be allowed to eat anything that they carry along with them inside the aircraft
  • The use of the lavatory and moving around in the aisles will have to be minimized
  • Cabin crew will have to ensure that they clean and sanitise the lavatories every one hour during the flight and clear all seat pockets of all unnecessary items except the safety card, which will have to either sanitised or replaced after the flight ends
  • No newspaper or magazine will be provided by the airlines
  • The use of trolleys will be limited or allowed only if necessary
  • After landing, the baggage will be released in batches and in a staggered order on the arrival carousel
  • Social distance markings shaped as circles or squares will be marked around the baggage collection carousel
  • Passenger will have to leave the airport in airport-authorised taxis/vehicles

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The above mentioned rules sum up just about everything that will be an integral part of air travel for a long time.

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    Hriday Rao

    (May 23, 2020 - 10:53)

    Starting aeroplane flights is not a nice idea, as there’s a big chance of spreading virus all over India!

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