7 Domestic Flight sectors and Govt-fixed airfare rates

The India government has capped airfare rates based on flight durations and the newl set rates will be applicable on all airlines from 25 May, 2020

7 Domestic Flight sectors and Govt-fixed airfare rates
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As domestic flights in India prepare to resume from Monday, 25 May, travelers need to note down the classification of their domestic travel destinations and the airfare applicable on them.

Airfare to be based on Government set rates till 24th August

All airlines will be charging as per the new range of minimum and maximum ticket prices set by the government for all routes and continue to do so till at least 24th August, 2020. The prices are between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 18600.  As informed, 40% of the tickets in all bands will be sold at a price less than the mid-point (of the lower and upper limits).

7 sectors based on flight durations, and ticket prices

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has identified seven bands based on flight durations:

  • (Sector A) Flights with duration of less than 40 minutes

Minimum fare: Rs 2,000 | Maximum fare: Rs 6,000

  • (Sector B) Flights with journey time of 40-60 minutes

Minimum fare: Rs 2,500 | Maximum fare: Rs 7,500

  • (Sector C) Flights with duration of 60-90 minutes

Minimum fare: Rs 3,000 | Maximum fare: Rs 9,000

  • (Sector D) Flights with duration of 90-120 minutes

Minimum fare: Rs 3,500 |Maximum fare: Rs 10,000

  • (Sector E) Flights with duration of 120-150 minutes

Minimum fare: Rs 4,500 | Maximum fare: Rs 13,000

  • (Sector F) Flights with duration of 150-180 minutes

Minimum fare: Rs 5,500 | Maximum fare: Rs 15,700

  • (Sector G) Flights with duration of 180-210 minutes

Minimum fare: Rs 6,500 | Maximum fare: Rs 18,600

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For the names of cities you can fly to refer to the following article: Domestic flight prices capped: Delhi-Mumbai tickets at maximum Rs 10,000 | Full list of routes and air fares

The rates will be decided upon and charged by individual airlines but they won’t charge any amount above the minimum and maximum airfare rates set by the DGCA. 

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