Valentine’s Day Celebrations are not just about gifts and parties!

Valentine’s Day celebrations can be overwhelming for many. However, what needs to be remembered is that it is about love and not what money can buy.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations are not just about gifts and parties!
Valentine’s Day celebrations are more about two people in love above everything else (Featured Couple: Kameel & Henna Shaikh

Every year, millions of lovers around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own ways, mostly by buying Valentine’s gifts and throwing off lavish parties for their Valentines. It is such a wonderful sight to see people immersed in a common emotion called love and doing everything in their power to make it a special day for their Valentines. The best part is that it is celebrated for all whom you love – lovers, families, friends and even strangers!  

Valentine’s Day celebrations are not about splurging money

People splurge a lot on celebrating Valentine’s Day in ways far beyond the capacity of many. They spend money like anything on making this day special for their loved ones and they have the right to do. But, does that mean that Valentine’s Day is merely for those with fat wallets and heavy purses? Can’t those who are equally in love celebrate this day in some special way that doesn’t require a lot of money? Well, the fact is that Valentine’s Day has got nothing to do with gifts and parties but rather about the love that we have for a special one or many.

Valentine’s Day is a day of expression of our love and not that of a display of the materials we possess or can buy.

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Valentine’s Day is about the celebration of love alone

Why do we say that? Well, if you look into the life of St. Valentine, the person who gave us Valentine’s Day, you will be surprised to learn that it all began with nothing more than love, a letter and the urge to join lovers in holy matrimony. There can be many versions of the story of St. Valentine but they all agree on one thing – love is more valuable than all the riches of the world and that love is most pure when it is humble.

A simple person with nothing more than just a simple and genuine confession of true love is worth cherishing a lifetime. True love for all, just like Valentine, can look beyond all obstacles and work miracles for many to see and replicate.

In more simple words, Valentine’s Day is all about the celebration of love and not the love for celebration.

All the money in the world cannot buy love, right?

So, go on, celebrate the one you love or who loves you in simple ways every single day to celebrate the essence of Valentine’s Day!

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