Stray puppy rescued by a Good Samaritan, with the help of Kharghar fire brigade

The girl had heard the continuous crying of the puppy on her way to work early morning.

Kharghar / Navi Mumbai: A stray puppy was rescued during the early hours of Monday morning from a gutter in sector 35 I, Kharghar, thanks to an alert and concerned citizen who was on her way to work, and heard the puppy crying out aloud.

The girl was on the way to work around at around 8.00 am, when she had heard the cries for help, and had immediately called in the Kharghar fire brigade, who were quick to respond, sending in an engine immediately.

The firefighters got into action immediately after their arrival on the spot, which was the gutter right in front of the vacant land opposite Maitri Planet NX society in sector 35 I, Kharghar.

They then got hold of the scared puppy with the help of a pet capture noose (catch pole) and brought it out of the gutter in no time.

The puppy was then reunited with his mother and siblings who lived in the society next to the gutter.

Once the rescue was successfully carried out, the girl left for work as usual, but with a happy feeling of saving a puppy.

PS. We did not take a photograph of her or the puppy being rescued, as she did not care about it anyway (need more people like her).

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