SOPs for reopening of gardens: No sitting on benches, chatting or exercising in groups

The government has set guidelines for visiting gardens and other public places for recreational activities like walking and exercising
SOPs for reopening of gardens: No sitting on benches, chatting or exercising in groups

The centre has issued guidelines to be followed by for all states when allowing citizens to visit gardens, parks, playgrounds, beaches, promenades and other open public spaces as the country begins unlocking the Coronavirus lockdown. While the guidelines are just about the same, let’s have a look at the various points to be considered when visiting public place for recreational activities and exercise.

SOPs/Guidelines for reopening of gardens, parks, playgrounds, beaches and promenades   

  • All parks will be open from 5am to 7pm
  • All visitors to gardens should take individual responsibility
  • Visitors will be allowed to exercise, walk, jog or indulge in other activities on an individual basis
  • Exercising, walking or jogging in groups will not be allowed
  • Visitors will be prohibited from sitting on benches and other sitting arrangements
  • Visitors will be required to wear masks/face covers at all times inside the gardens
  • Gatherings, congregations or classes will not be allowed inside the gardens
  • Children, if in the allowed age group (above 10), should be accompanied with elders at all times
  • Play equipment, grills etc. should not be touched by children or elders
  • Decorative items, idols etc. too should not be touched by anyone
  • Exercise equipment, if any, should not be touched by health enthusiasts
  • Chewing to pan or other tobacco products and spitting is prohibited
  • Smoking of cigarettes or even e-cigarettes is prohibited
  • The administration will act strictly and take penalizing action against people who are found to be ignoring the guidelines.

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    (June 9, 2020 - 16:17)

    Opening of gardens is maybe a good idea but still bad at the same time. It’s good if we take walk regularly, exercise or breathe fresh air but they should not open gardens because this can spread the novel virus in a large scale. From my side, they should bot do this. Anyways, great article. Thanks for this information….

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