No water supply in Kharghar on Mondays

CIDCO has planned weekly shut down of water supply in Kharghar, Dronagiri and Ulwe from 19th September citing scheduled repair work of water pipelines.

No water supply in Kharghar on Mondays
Kharghar, Dronagiri, and Ulwe will have weekly water cuts on different days.

Kharghar / Navi Mumbai / Panvel: The City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd. (CIDCO) has announced a 24Hr weekly shut down of water supply to three nodes of Navi MumbaiKharghar, Dronagiri and Ulwe.

The decision has been made in a bid to carry out necessary repairs and enhancements in the water pipelines to improve the supply of water to all affected nodes.

As per the information provided by CIDCO the water supply will be disconnected once every week in these nodes on different days.

Navi Mumbai weekly water shut down schedule, from 19th September, 2021:

  • Dronagiri and MJP (JNPT) areas: Sunday – 8 am to Monday – 7 am.
  • Kharghar: Monday – 8 am to Tuesday – 7 am
  • Ulwe: Tuesday – 8 am to Wednesday – 7 am.

The water cuts will continue for a certain period of time and residents will be notified accordingly.

CIDCO has appealed to the residents of Kharghar, Dronagiri and Ulwe to store water adequately a day before the scheduled water shut downs and to avoid wastage.

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