Navi Mumbai celebrates Janmashtami at home

Devouts remained home as temples and other devotional instituions in Navi Mumbai remained closed under state-imposed covid-19 regulations.

Navi Mumbai: Janmashtami was once again celebrated indoors as covid-19 norms prohibited prople from visiting temples and other institutions. This was the second time in a row, that the residents of Navi Mumbai celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna at home and not with other devouts like in the pre-covid times.

Readers must be aware that every year Janmashtami was celebrated in Krishna temples and other such places where devotees would gather in hundreds and thousands to venerate Bal Gopal.

Most of the people had been fasting through the day.

People placed decorated swings with flowers, ribbons, peacock feathers and other things.

The idols of Bal Gopal were bathed with milk and adorned with garlands. Different devotional hyms were sung and sweet delicacies or “bhog” like halwa, kheer, sweets and fruits were offered as prasad.

Some families spent time putting together tableaus, or jhankis, of the important scenes from the story of the birth of Krishna.

In all, Navi Mumbai devotees celebrated Janmashtami within their homes with no less religious fervour than in temples. They paid obeisance and sought blessings hoping for a good year ahead.

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