Navi Mumbai 5th in Citizen Perception Survey (CPS) 2020, with 82.40 percent

Solapur topped the Citizen Perception Survey, followed by Jodhpur, Chennai and Lucknow.

Navi Mumbai 5th in Citizen Perception Survey (CPS) 2020, with 82.4 percent

The Citizen Perception Survey 2020, a part of the Ease of Living Index (EoLI) 2020 survey, earned Navi Mumbai the 5th position. It held 30% marks of the EoLI.

The CPS was undertaken to help validate the experience of citizens in terms of delivery of various services by the administration. It was an important part of the EoLI and carried 30% marks.

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A total of 32.2 lakh citizens from 111 participating cities were assessed between 16th January 2020 and 20th March 2020.

The highest engagement and score in the Citizen Perception Survey was seen from Bhubaneshwar, followed by Silvassa, Davangere, Kakinada, Bilaspur and Bhagalpur.

Citizens of all 111 participating cities were surveyed in a bid to document their perceptions about the quality of life, among other things in their respective cities.

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The Citizen Perception Survey, campaigned under the hashtag – #MyCityMyPride, was conducted online through the dedicated web portal and the MyGovIndia portal, and offline through a face-to-face survey by on-ground enumerators.

21 key query points of Citizen Perception Survey 2020:

  • Affordable and quality education
  • Affordable and quality healthcare
  • Affordable housing
  • Overall cleanliness
  • Efficacy of garbage collection system
  • Quality of drinking water supply
  • Incidence of water logging
  • Safe commuting
  • Adequacy of public transport
  • Affordability of commuting
  • Overall safety and security
  • Efficiency of emergency services
  • Women’s safety in public places
  • Adequacy of recreational facilities
  • Livelihood opportunities
  • Sufficiency of income to maintain Quality of Life
  • Access to financial services
  • Quality of air
  • Adequacy of green cover
  • Quality of electricity supply
  • Affordable electricity

Navi Mumbai held a total score of 82.4, with a highest score of 88.8, and an average score of 76.8 in all the key queries in the CPS.

The lowest CPS score was in Affordable Housing and the highest for Access to Financial Services.

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