Mind your New Year celebrations: Panvel police tells event organisers

Farm houses, hotels, restaurants and resorts in Panvel were given strict instructions to be followed during New Year celebrations, amid the omicron threat.

Panvel / Navi Mumbai: The Panvel police department is leaving no stone unturned to tackle the omicron threat looming over the city. They recently held a meeting with owners of all major farm houses, hotels, restaurants and resorts under their jurisdiction, apprising them of the omicron situation and rules regarding New Year’s celebration s in the Panvel region.

No enticing or exaggerating New Year Party advertisements

The Panvel police directed all present to refrain from extensive advertisements for New Year’s entertainment and party events in the wake of the omicron threat. They also requested them to keep New Year celebrations at the simplest this year.

Ensure the safety of attendees and party goers

It was made clear that the safety of all who would attend New Year events and parties planned to be held at such farm houses, hotels and restaurants would be the sole responsibility of the property owners.

The Panvel police proactively called all event organisers, namely owners of farm houses, hotels, restaurants and resorts instructing them to follow all the pandemic protocols without fail.

Ravindra Daundkar, Senior Inspector of Police, Panvel said, “We have emphasised on the ongoing ban on large scale New Year celebrations in the state.”

Guidelines given by the Panvel police for New Year Celebrations (shortened version):

  • People found gambling or consuming alcohol or taking drugs during celebrations on 31st December night, and those found to be harassing/inconveniencing people around them through loud noise of speakers/DJ, will be penalised.
  • Individuals, their families, relatives, friends or well wishers should not violate the government orders directly or indirectly, disturbing public peace.
  • The property owners shall be penalised for any entertainment event held without permission, and also be held accountable for any incident or offensive acts that occur during the event.
  • Party goers should not behave irresponsibly in any manner that would expose others to the threat of the pandemic, and lead to the spreading of the coronavirus, endangering the health of others.
  • Property owners will have to ensure social distancing, sanitisation, and use of masks during the event without fail, as per government orders.
  • Everyone should strictly follow all the orders issued by the Maharashtra Government Home Department regarding the 31st December celebrations in the wake of Covid-19, especially the omicron threat.

The meeting was attended by a majority of owners of farm houses, hotels, restaurants and resorts within the Panvel police’s jurisdiction.

All attendees were handed out CrPC 149 notices to establish the seriousness of the matter. Also, the Panvel police will be sending the notices to those who had not attended

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