Kharghar rains: Monday brings in decent showers of rain

Kharghar / PMC / Navi Mumbai: It rained in Kharghar today at intervals since morning. The atmosphere had been cloudy and pleasant throughout the day. It looks like monsoon is setting in for this rainy season.

The rains have brought a lot of relief to Kharghar residents who have been bearing with a hot and humid climate since many days after the initial few days of rains.

Even the waterfalls, ponds and other water bodies in Kharghar had begun to crave for water.

The weather department had forecasted the commencement of rains in Navi Mumbai in the last week of July and by the looks of it, the rains are here for good.

Sadly, this year monsoons in Kharghar are not like always with people staying put at their homes owing to the coronavirus threat and the lockdown.

At least, the rains and the nostalgia it brings will brighten up the spirits of many, giving them a happy distraction from the ongoing crisis.

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