How summers can bring health benefits

Though the heat can be overwhelming during the summers, there can be some health benefits too.

It is fruits for all

Well, summers is the time when many fruits are available and people have the most persistent urge to eat them. As doctors say, we need five portions of fruit and vegetables every day and summers make us do that. Some fruits that are high in vitamin c and antioxidants that help keep diseases such as cancer away. Some of the fruits are blackcurrants and strawberries and even amla.

The increased body temperature doesn’t let us consume high calorie foods that are sugary and fatty so it means low calories.

2. Skin Health

The sun can provides therapeutic benefits to the skin just before the skin turns red due to scorching. It is better to walk in the sun a bit rather than sit in one place under direct exposure. Many skin disorders that are caused by an over-sensitive immune system that can be reduced by UV rays as many dermatologist exert.

A controlled exposure to the UV rays can benefit a lot.

3. An increase in physical agility

Many exercise routines work best in the summers as the feel good factor due to sunlight and the light clothes make the best combination to sweat it out.

People with arthritis feel more energetic and devoid of pain during the summers owing to the warmness.

Besides, the heat helps reduce the span of exercise as a lessened time of exercise gives the required output naturally by burning up more calories than in any other weather.

4. Adequate hydration of the body

People tend to drink a lot during the summers irrespective of whether they like it or not. It is a natural urge and they have to go with it. This leads to proper hydration of the body and entailing benefits.

The increased water intake boosts many chemical processes in the body helping the cells to function properly. Further, it improves digestion, helps regulate body temperature, flushes out toxins from the body and boosts the health of the skin.

However, at least two litres should be consumed every day to get the best results as you need more to sweat out during the summer.

5. Proper circulation

The warmness of summer helps in proper circulation of blood as the blood vessels enlarge, allowing blood to circulate better. This ensures adequate supply of oxygen and hence enhanced metabolism.

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