5 things we love summers for

Apart from the assurance that the rains are on their way, the summers brings things that no other season brings and we love them like anything.
Planning the day and sticking to the plan

Planning the day and sticking to the plan

Well, we all make plans but never follow them. However, summers don’t let us do that. They force us to plan our days according to the heat. So we have a set time for waking up, exercising, travel schedules and all such things as the all-powerful sun doesn’t allow any straying from the plan of the day. So, we fit into the best time table that we can think of during the summers.

We get to (have to) drink a lot

Well, yes you know that everyone drinks during the summers. That is one thing that summers make us do – drink, drink and drink! And why not? It is in our best interests after all. So no matter, how much burdensome we find drinking adequate water, we have to drink it during the summers. Water is the best thing available for hydrating the body and the summers know that well. Drink water and water alone.

Bathing and all that we can do in the water

Now, we do take a shower everyday throughout the year but the thing is – we never cherish the bath anytime in the year as much as we do during the summers. For us, nothing compares to a cold shower in the sweltering summer days. Apart from that, we find beaches most tempting and even dipping in swimming pools or even kiddie pools in somebody’s backyard. Even ponds with clean waters look good (though we have to be careful).

Wearing what we like

We just get to wear the bare minimum. Trust us! Nobody’s bothered with what you are wearing during the summers as we are all sailing in the same ship. Wearing light is the mantra for summers and everything looks trendy.

Spending quality time with the family

Well, summers mean vacations for the kids and being home more often for the grown-ups as nobody wants to roam around in the hot sun apart from work. So it is like a fun event everyday as all tend to stay indoors as much as possible and even when they go out, they all go for a fun vacation together.

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