Hiroshima Day: a reminder for all

Let’s understand what the ‘Hiroshima Day’ signifies and the message it sends to the global population.  

Hiroshima Day: a reminder for all
On 6 August 1945, America dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima and on 9 August 1945, on Nagasaki.

As the world celebrates the International Friendship Day, some take a moment to remember those slain the bombing in Hiroshima during World War II. On 6 August 1945, a devastating bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, an act that changed the course of the global war.

While the World War abruptly ended on the Japanese front, it scarred the nations for generations to come – a lesson that changed their approach towards life.

Today, 77 years after the devastating incident, Japan stands out as a harmonious, peace-loving and one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, much to the awe of all.

Promoting peace and anti-nuclear advocacy:

The observance of Hiroshima Day plays a crucial role in promoting global peace and advocating the need to abolish nuclear weapons. On this day, many global organizations, peace activists, and governments get vocal to raise awareness about the destructive power of nuclear wars and the growing dangers of nuclear proliferation globally, especially among the first nations. They unanimously call for the disarmament of weapons and signing of agreements among different nations.

Remembering the Victims of Hiroshima:

This day serves as a global event platform to remember and honor the many victims of the atomic bombing, including the survivors who suffered for many years from exposure to the radiation caused by the bombing. It encourages people to be empathetic and understanding of the immense suffering that was caused to millions by just one act of war.

Need for diplomatic ways to resolve conflicts:

The events of Hiroshima Day starkly remind us of the many horrors of war and the devastating consequences of using nuclear weapons. It emphasises on the fact that every global conflict should be resolved in a diplomatic manner rather than resorting to violence and destruction, which cripples generations.

Advocating Global Cooperation:

This day also presses on the need for international cooperation to prevent the recurrence of such a catastrophic event in future. It calls nations to work together towards creating a world free from nuclear threats.

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