Do your bit for street dogs and other strays during the coronavirus lockdown

The lockdown to tackle Covid-19 virus is impacting street dogs and other strays along with people around the world and finding food is the biggest probem that they are facing more than ever

Do your bit for street dogs and other strays during the coronavirus lockdown
A street dog sitting alone outside Kharghar Central Park during a hot afternoon

In the last couple of days, ever since the coronavirus lockdown started, many streets around the country have been rendered empty. The only people that can be seen outside are those doing quick rounds for essentials (and those who simply have no regard for anyone or anything). Amid such chaos, strays, especially street dogs, have been roaming around the streets confounded, hungry, malnourished, afraid and agitated. Their food sources have suddenly disappeared with the shutting down of many restaurants, roadside eateries, shops and offices. They roam around wondering why they are not getting the tit-bits that they used to get every day and if by chance they do get something, a battle ensues with many other hungry contenders, leaving many of them wounded and desperate. As the world tackles the spread of coronavirus, starvation is already spreading across the streets and it is hitting man’s best friend hard!

How can you help feed street dogs, cats, birds and other strays?

You can still give some hope to such animals by trying your best to ensure that every stray animal gets something to eat. Although a lot remains to be done, we all can contribute in feeding street dogs and cats without having to break the lockdown rules.

Feed street dogs, cats and strays around your societies

Keep it simple by feeding street dogs or cats that roam around their vicinity. This shouldn’t be difficult as such animals roam around in their ‘zones’ and hardly venture out (though many are moving beyond their zones in the current scenario in search of food). Similarly, you can feed cows, if any, around your area. You can place food in spots where it can be seen by the dogs or cats, probably on the footpaths or the dustbins where they throng the most. Similarly, you can keep bird feeders and water utensils to feed birds roaming around your area.

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Carry food with you when you move out for essentials

If possible, carry handy food with you when you move out to shop for essentials. You can carry biscuits or dog food or cat food if you can manage buying some without trouble. Try not to give them expired food products or stale food.

Contact organisations or feeders already active in your locality

Try to get in touch with local organisations and individual feeders who are active in your area. You must have seen them or heard about them. If not, try finding ways to contact them online. A lot of animal lovers and NGOs are trying best to provide food to street dogs and other strays. Get in touch with them and contribute in any way possible. Remember, no contribution is big or small. Your concern and willingness alone will do a lot to boost their morales.

We believe that you will be doing your best to feed street dogs, cats, birds and other strays in your own ways and capacities and we thank you for your efforts!

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