Deliberate fires continue to burn in Kharghar

The fires that happen at specific spots almost seem to be meticulously planned by some miscreants

Kharghar / Panvel / Navi Mumbai: On Sunday night, fires broke out at three spots in sector 7 of Kharghar. While two were very small, one was quite big and was spreading fast. Thankfully, we were there to drowse it down by ourselves, even when a certain group of “concerned” people simply stood mouthing big words, rather than doing anything.

Suraj Prajapati, the person who helped drowse the fire, said, “We were returning home from Hiranandani and took the back lane which runs parallel to the long patch of wilderness. Surprisingly, there was a fire burning stronger every minute and spreading fast. We stood for a few minutes to figure out what was to be done. Then, we saw an open shop which happened to be the kitchen of a restaurant.”

“The cleaner allowed us to borrow one of the utensils and water from the tap. Luckily, another worker of a shop in the same line joined in and started bringing buckets filled with water from his shop, which was closed by the way. He took the effort to open his shop again.”

“It took the three of us around four to five rounds each to completely drowse the fire and stop it from spreading ahead.”

Watch: Deliberate fires continue to burn in Kharghar

The group, we spoke about earlier, which simply stood and watched later called the Kharghar fire brigade. However, the job was already done.

The fire fighters still made sure that no sparks remained at the first spot before moving on to the other two.

It just took them a minute or so to put the other fires down as they were very small to begin with. However, we were thankful that they did show up very promptly and bore no grudges for having called them in for such small fires.

It is strange that these these deliberate fires incidents of dry grass burning continue to occur in Kharghar without anyone ever being apprehended or even caught in action.

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“There was another such fore a day before. We keep getting calls for such random fires and have to make sure they don’t spread out,” said one of the fire fighters.

“We are always ready to help no matter how small or big the problem. You cannot take a chance with these,” he added.

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