12 APMC guards test Covid-19 positive: Admin hires private security

Navi Mumbai / Vashi / APMC: The issues at APMC market, Vashi continue to grow with 12 security guards testing positive for the Covid-19 cirus recently.

Apparently, these are regular guard at the APMC market and hence a cause of concern.

However, the market admin had started hiring private security guards, or bouncers at much higher salaries. The moved has angered many as they question the admin’s motive of hiring private security when they already had police and home guards at the market. They called it sheer wastage of money.

The admin informed that it had also sent back 42 regular guards back to the Maharashtra Security Board for being absent during the lockdown. It justified their decision to hire private bouncers.

Adding more to the problem, the administration’s decision to accept the voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) of 22 officials earlier this has also not gone down well with other members. They questioned why the admin felt it necessary to do so even when the state chief minister and deputy chief minister had advised all government agencies and departments to be put a restrain on unnecessary expenditures.

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