10 simple yet exciting ways to celebrate Halloween 2021 indoors

Don’t let the global pandemic take away your Halloween 2021 mood. This year, celebrate it from within the comforts of your homes.

10 simple yet exciting ways to celebrate Halloween indoors
Celebrate Halloween indoors this year in some simple yet exciting ways (Photo: Andyone on Unsplash)

Halloween is here and it may feel and sound scarier than ever before owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To be frank, it has flushed every festival plan down the drain everywhere around the world, forcing people to stay indoors.

However, you can still celebrate Halloween 2021 in many ways that promise to keep it as exciting, entertaining and spooky as before.

Just a fast fact check here – while a majority of countries around the world are looking forward to celebrating Halloween 2021 with great enthusiasm, some are still experimenting with their lockdown regulations and social disancing norms like wearing of masks, sanisitising hands, zero tolerance for crowds and gatherings and many such norms.

That being said, it is clear that Halloween 2021 celebrations and many others, won’t be the same as before. There will be some restrictions and apprehensions this year too bu not like the last year.

This year, Halloween will be celebrated almost like the old days of trick-or-treating, visiting the neighbourhoods and haunted houses or clubs.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of spooky business that you can carry about inside your homes.

So let’s get going with our list of pointers to make this Halloween 2021 as exciting as always.

Here are some exciting ways to celebrate Halloween indoors:

1. Make spooky lanterns to be hung or kept outside

10 simple yet exciting ways to celebrate Halloween indoors
Some spooky Halloween lanterns will brighten your homes (Photo: Javier Molina on Unsplash)

Well, making spooky lanterns to be hung outside your windows and doors is just the thing to be done this Halloween. Make those lanterns in any shape that you like – goblins, ogres, witches, werewolves, the classical pumpkin or any other shape. Pour out your creativity on making such lanterns to brighten up the night and spread Halloween vibes.

2. Make scary masks or paint your face

Make some scary Halloween masks or paint the face (Photo: 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash)

This Halloween spend time on making some spooky masks yourselves. Draw the scariest of faces on chart paper to be cut into a mask or sew different materials to create creatively scary masks. Be creative and make some new characters of your own.

3. Carve a pumpkin or make your kids do it

Carve a pumpkin this Halloween or let your kids enjoy carving them (Photo: Jason Rosewell on Unsplash)

Well, nothing can be termed as classis a pumpkin for Halloween celebrations. Carving one yourself is even better. Grab a pumpkin if you can and carve those spooky eyes, nose and mouth. And while you are it, don’t forget to take a few candles to light it up and you are all set to go. Sounds easy or boring? Well, try carving for once and you will realize how exciting and funny an activity it is.

4. Go ahead with the Halloween decorations

Decorate your house for Halloween with whatever you’ve got (Photo: Coincidence on Unsplash)

Halloween decorations should not be stopped for any reason. You don’t need expensive and classy decorative materials to decorate your house. Grab any and every decorative material that you can and turn our house into a little Halloween world of your own. Even a set of candles, toys, flowers or other such materials put together can be perfect for Halloween.

5. Let some Halloween music fill the air

Play some Halloween music to set a spooky mood (Photo: Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash)

Music is a mood booster and it goes without saying that playing Halloween music on Halloween, especially when going out is ruled out, is a great mood lifter. Play some classic hits to make it sound all spooky and Halloweeny!

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6. Have a Halloween movie marathon with the family

Indulge in a Halloween movie marathon with your family (Photo: Thibault Penin on Unsplash)

Nothing comes close to enjoying a movie with the entire family and there is something about watching Halloween movies together. From real spooky movies to some of the funniest Halloween classics, there are plenty to be watched. There are some new Halloween movies playing online this month – do watch them.

7. Grab your Halloween costumes and wear them at home

Dress up in your old Halloween costumes or make new ones with whatever is availabe at home (Photo: Angela Wolz on Unsplash)

Staying home doesn’t mean that you can’t wear those Halloween costumes tucked in your wardrobes. Don’t have costumes? Don’t worry! Wear anything that makes you look scary or funny, paint your face, wear the masks that you must have made. If not, make some.

8. Dress your pets up for the Halloween celebration

Dress your pets up in Halloween costumes (Photo: by Sarah Boudreau on Unsplash)

Having pets at home? Then you should try simple ways to celebrate Halloween with your pets. Now, don’t be forceful but do involve your pets in your the Halloween celebrations. Make costumes and masks for our pets or simply paint their faces. Let them feel a part of the spooky celebrations.

9. Roll out the Halloween games

Play some Halloween games with the family (Photo: Jaciel Melnik on Unsplash)

Put all your Halloween games on the table and play them all. If you don’t have any, check online, there are plenty of spooky and funny games that can be played with materials available at home.

10. Prepare some creative Halloween treats, dinner and drinks

Prepare some spooky Halloween treats, dinner and drinks (Photo: Cayla on Unsplash)

Let the spirit of Halloween show in your Halloween treats. Trust us, it will help set your mood. Make strange looking cookies, pancakes, pastries, sandwiches, a huge spooky cake or a complete Halloween dinner. To add a little zest to the whole eating and partying event, try out some simple and spooky looking Halloween drinks to go along with the treats.

Don’t let your Halloween celebrations be limitd by resources or opportunities, be creative and devise plans of your own.

Happy Halloween!

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