YULU Bikes Post COVID-19: Long Term Rental, Limited Services, Thorough Sanitisation

YULU Bikes is putting in efforts to ensure safe commute for YULU customers as the country slowly unlocks amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and people begin to travel around     

YULU Bikes Post COVID-19: Long Term Rental, Limited Services, Thorough Sanitisation

As the country begins unlocking, local commute is slowly getting back to normalcy. Needless to say, people are once again looking forward to using all available safe modes of commutation in cities.

Amid such, many people are once again seeking YULU bikes and cycles for local travel.

However, there has been apprehension about the measures being taken by YULU Bikes to ensure the implementation of COVID-19 guidelines.

YULU Bikes are ensuring that their customers are not exposed to any kind of risk while renting YULU Bikes and Cycles. Let’s have a look at the safety measures and new offerings that YULU Bikes has come up with.

YULU BIKES Long Term Rental Plan (LTR)

The Long Term Rental (LTR) Plan by YULU Bikes exclusively allows YULU customers to rent YULU Miracle or YULU Move on a weekly or monthly basis.

YULU LTR can be booked through the YULU App and delivery can be taken from YULU Zone or Home Delivery (extra charges applicable).

The idea is to allow customers to avoid using YULU bikes and cycles rented and touched by multiple users throughout the day and also for the sake of convenience of daily use.

The YULU Long Term Rental Plans. Charges/Pricing:

YULU Miracle LTR Charges/Duration:

  • Rs. 899 for 7 Days
  • Rs. 109/ Day for 8-15 Days
  • Rs. 99/Day for 16-45 Days
  • Rs. 89 for 46-60 Days

YULU Move LTR Charges/Duration:

Rs. 869 for One Month

How to book YULU Long Term Rental (LTR)

Both YULU Miracle and YULU Move can be booked for Long Term Rental through the YULU App and picked from the nearest YULU Zone. However, YULU Miracle can also be Home Delivered at an extra cost for delivery.

Benefits of YULU Long Term Rental

Personal Bike and Convenient Commuting:

Taking a YULU Bike or YULU Cycle home under YULU LTR, saves time spent of visiting YULU Zones to pick up or drop them.

Also, it allows YULU customers to use them as per their convenience irrespective of the time of the day.

Maximum Safety and Minimum Possibility of spreading COVID-19:

Personal use of YULU Bikes and YULU Cycles ensures safety from coronavirus as YULU users don’t come in contact with other YULU customers.

They get to use such the bikes and cycles strictly on a personal basis through YULU LTR. 

Unlimited YULU Miracle and YULU Move Rides:

There is no time limit for customers availing YULU Long Term Rental plans as it provided full time access to the bikes/cycles at a limited price.

No Worry of Low Battery of YULU Miracles or the Range:

Users don’t have to worry about half charged or low battery issues as they can swapped or home delivered as per the convenience of YULU customers.

Also, customers don’t have to worry about the range of travel as a fully charged YULU bike can go between 50-55 Kms.

YULU Bikes Post COVID-19: Long Term Rental, Limited Services, Multiple Sanitisation
YULU Long Term Rental plan allows users to rent YULU Miracle and Move on weekly and monthly basis. (Image posted on YULU Bikes’ website)

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YULU Bikes COVID-19 Preventive Measures for YULU customers

YULU Bikes is ensuring the safety of their customers by implementing various safety measures as follows:

1. YULU Bikes’ Hub to Hub Model ensures minimal contact

YULU Bikes only allows riders to park bikes/cycles at designated YULU Zones unlike many other public sharing services in India, who let their riders’ park as per convenience.

Though they are justified on the convenience part, during present times, minimal contact has to be ensured.

YULU Bikes ensures that they are able to minimize contact with random people who could asymptomatic and carrying the virus.

As YULU Bikes and Cycles are parked only at YULU Zones, it cuts down the risk of coming in touch with people who would not be interested in renting one.

2. Thorough Sanitisation of YULU Bikes and Cycles owing to compact size

YULU Miracle and YULU Move are compact sized bikes that can be thoroughly sanitised multiple times throughout the day, before new riders rent them out.

Being parked at designated spots – YULU Zones, they can be monitored easily and proper sanitisation can be carried out from time to time.

3. Display of Last-Sanitized Time Stamp on YULU App

The YULU App displays a ‘Last-Sanitised” time stamp let people renting out YULU Bikes know whether the YULU Miracle and YULU Move they intend to rent out have been sanitised and are ready to use.

This enables the riders to keep themselves safe and completely avoid bikes and cycles that have not been sanitised recently.

4. Use of WHO-approved disinfectants for sanitisation of YULU Bikes

YULU Bikes use WHO-approved chemicals to disinfect all (YULU) bikes and cycles. The number of field work executives have also been increased to ensure that all vehicles are sanitised as many times as possible.

YULU Bikes Post COVID-19: Long Term Rental, Limited Services, Multiple Sanitisation
The YULU App displays the Last-Sanitized Time Stamp to enable customers to rent out sanitised bikes and cycles (Image posted on YULU Bikes’ website)

Official Quote from YULU Bikes on Safety Measures being taken during COVID-19 crisis

“Limited services are available at select locations. We are sanitising our vehicles multiple times a day and the last sanitised time stamp is visible on the app to the customer. We are also educating our customers to wear a mask while riding and wash their hands before and after the ride. We also have long term rental available through which people who need to commute in these tough times can rent our vehicles for up to 60 days for all their commute requirements.”

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