Strictly avoid firecrackers this Diwali to stop covid-19 infections from spreading fast

Long story short, bursting of firecrackers will add to the pollution and make the covid-19 situation worse for everyone

Strictly avoid firecrackers this Diwali to stop covid-19 infections from spreading fast
Firecrackers pollute the air and hence will increase the spread of covid-19 infection
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Diwali is almost here and some of you must have already made plans to have a blast this festival. Well, don’t! If not for yourself, then for the sake of many unsuspecting people who will be trying their best to take all precautions necessary, and possible, to keep covid-19 at bay.

Many states across the country have already banned firecrackers this Diwali and many will follow suit. Although Maharashtra has decided not to ban firecrackers and trust the people.

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Well, apart from following covid-19 norms, we urge you not to burst firecrackers for the following reasons:

Pollution helps covid-19 spread faster

Startling research materials have been going around since the start of the coronavirus pandemic about the harmful effect of pollution during the ongoing pandemic. The more the pollution the faster the spread of covid-19 infections.

Covid-19 virus may survive longer in polluted air

The high level of pollution provides the virus more harmful particles to cling on to and travel to greater distances, which is minimized in pure air. It could also allow the virus to survive for much longer periods.

Coronavirus symptoms increase due to pollutants

The pollutants increase symptoms like coughing and sneezing and cause inflammation, further weakening the immune system and letting the virus have maximum impact.

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Breathing gets affected in pollution which increases impact of covid-19

Air pollution leads to breathing difficulties and as the coronavirus effects the lungs, the situation tends to get worse as the pollution increases.

Pollution can impact covid-19 survivors more than others

There are many who have recovered from covid-19 and are still are weak and vulnerable. Increased pollution can lead to complications for such people.

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Air pollution is linked to a high number of covid-19 deaths

Finally, a global study has linked air pollution with 15% COVID-19 deaths worldwide. Isn’t that concerning enough?

We request you to have a safe and pollution free Diwali this year and take a pledge not to pollute the air by bursting crackers even if the state government doesn’t ban firecrackers.

There is no point in bursting crackers amid such a time of uncertainty and adding to the troubles that the society is already facing.

Don’t play a spoilsport and understand your responsibility towards the community on a whole.

Happy Diwali in Advance!

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