Simple tips for a beautiful and cosy balcony garden at home

Take your balcony garden decor to the next level with these simple decor tips

Simple tips for a beautiful and cosy balcony garden at home

You don’t need to go far away to enjoy a bunch of flowers blooming joyfully. Instead turn your own balcony into a happy floral treat, one that will provide you with an escape from the daily grinds of life.

A balcony, no matter how small, can be turned into a beautiful home garden with a couple of your favourite flower plants or even some decorative non flowering plants.

Follow these simple balcony decor tips to make a beautiful balcony garden at your home:

Potted plants on balcony railings

Balcony railings, if you have any, are perfect to be planted with flower pots, big or small, depending on the space available. Place a couple of pots or hang a couple of planters as per the situation. If you don’t have any favourites then simply choose some flowering plants of different hues to add colour to your balcony. You can either go with metal pots and planters or plastic ones as per choice and the décor of your balcony. If you can make some pots and planters by yourself at home from recycled materials then that would add another layer of uniqueness to your balcony garden.

Apart from flowering plants, that would seem the ideal choice, you can even go for creepers, if you are fascinated with them. A bunch of herbs can also make it stand out while also providing some healthy seasonings for food.

Call in the birds; place some bird feeders

Well, there must be many of you who love the sound of birds chirping as you go about doing your daily chores. And why not? The chirping of birds has been found to have a therapeutic effect. So why not bring in the birds? Buy some bird feeders online or better make some at home. If you can’t make one but would like to, then there are many DIY bird feeder videos online that will help you make some really attractive ones yourself. Any material can be used to make bird feeders – plastic bowls, jars, bottles, baskets, crates and whatever you can find.

Also, keep the feeders well stocked at all times. You don’t need to buy anything fancy like a bird feed from a pet store. Simply grains will do fine.

Add a dainty bird bath in your balcony

Have you seen birds taking baths in water puddles and pools? The sight is as delightful as it is comforting. Create a small sized bird bath and make sure it has water in it at all times and that the water is changed every day.

While you can add water to bird feeders it would be convenient to have a separate bowl for water meant for drinking. In any case, birds would use the water bowl and bath as they desire and it would be a mix up too, it does not harm to have the two if space is not the issue. Over time, you will see that the regular birds will use both in the manner you wish them to. They are wiser than you think or know!

Put some furniture in the balcony

Balcony furniture can be anything as simple as a wooden fruit carton painted and polished and turned upside down with a small and soft cushion atop. You can make a centre table in a similar fashion with anything that can be used for the purpose. If money is not a constraint and you prefer the refined and posh look and comfort, then you can choose from a plethora of balcony furniture available in the market. You can go for centre tables, chairs, swings, hammocks, recliners, sofas and anything that looks and feels comfortable.

If you are clueless where to find classy furniture for the balcony then you can check hundreds and thousands of balcony furniture online. There must be a couple of garden furniture stores or general furniture stores near you to choose from.

Put some balcony lights to use

You can add life to your evenings in your balcony with just about any kind of lighting arrangement. Spread about a generous quantity of LED string lights or rice lights if you have any, hang up some paper lanterns or place some table lanterns. You can even go ethnic and use some traditional diyas just like you do on Diwali.

Trust it, balcony lights can do wonders and turn the mood around for good, turning your dinner time, get togethers and other such events into delightful experiences.

Plant some herbs in a corner of your balcony

We as Indians, have been growing herbs since ages even without knowing that they can be addons to the entire décor of your balconies. If you have not been growing any already, then why not now? Clear out a small and visible space in your balcony and bring in some easy growing herbs like lemongrass, thyme, oregano, rosemary and all that you can find.

These herbs in your balcony will not only provide you with your own lot to garnish your dishes, but also add a green look and distinct aroma to the area.

Go for some hanging planters

Grab a few metal hooks and hang some hanging planters from the ceiling or even the railing in your balcony. If you have nothing to hang them then you can also use ropes to hag those planters.

You can use beautiful flowering plants or even creepers to give a cave-like look to your balcony, one filled with greenery.

There are many options of hanging planters online to choose from or you can make use of anything that seems fit for the purpose – mugs, small buckets, baskets or anything of that sort.

Why not use some wall planters as well?

You can make you balcony walls go green too with some wall planters of various shapes, sizes and colours. You can buy wall planters online with a variety of them available with hooks and racks.

If you are the DIY types then you can use materials like plastic bottles, wooden crates and boxes, mugs etc. to make your planters.

Use a variety of decorative items and articles

Put to use items and materials easily available at home – rugs, carpets, cushions, vases, ceramic artifacts, curtains, watering cans and so on. The idea is to make it as colourful and appealing as possible.

These are some of the tips to decorate your balcony in simple yet effective ways and create a whole new world altogether in there. 

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