Navi Mumbai restaurants and eateries to remain open till midnight from today

The working time of restaurants and eateries will be extended till midnight, compared to their earlier deadline of 10 pm.

Navi Mumbai: From today, Friday 22nd October, restaurants and eateries in Navi Mumbai will be able to work late into midnight, thanks to the state government’s decision considering a very low number of coronavirus cases in the state in the last couple of months.

On Sunday, the city of Mumbai is said to have registered a zero-covid-death day, and with the BMC confident of zero possibility of a third wave of coronavirus to hit the city, a belief supported by the covid task force around the state, the government is keen on taking a leap of faith.

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) and Panvel Municipal Corporation (PMC) are positive about the decision of the state government for their succeeding battle against the coronavirus pandemic, and reports of all time low cases.  

Restaurants in Navi Mumbai currently conduct their businesses between 7am and 10pm with an occupancy of 50%, but under the new directive, which comes into effect from today, they will be able to remain open till midnight (12 pm).

Several restaurants’ and hotels’ associations had petitioned for restoration of pre-covid business hours, late into the night, till 1.30am and it was believed that the state government would give in.

However, the CM’s office confirmed that restaurants and eateries will only be allowed to remain open till 12am.

Though the decision has come as a little bit of a disappointed for many hospitality associations, they have welcomed it happily, as they believe that the two-hour extension from the earlier closing time of 10pm, will help a lot in conducting some extra business.

All previous SOPs, like 50% capacity, sanitisation etc., will be followed as usual from 22nd October as well.

However, the state government has allowed local authorities to take a call on the decision, and amend it in ways that will suit the pandemic scenario in their respective areas.

Note: The NMMC and PCMC are yet to release a circular outlining the SOPs concerning the reopening of restaurants and eateries and other establishments. This article presents the decision of the state government on a whole.

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