Kharghar’s Vishwajyot High School issues leaving certificates to 17 students for non-payment of fees

Parents accuse school of exorbitant hike in fees and hurting children’s morale through such behaviour.

Kharghar / Navi Mumbai: In a move that is being dubbed as highly unethical and uncalled for, the Vishwajyot High School has sent school leaving certificates to around 17 students through emails and post. The parents of all the students have condemned the schools act of indifference in a time of global calamity.

On Tuesday, angry parents took to the streets and staged a protest outside the school premises hoping to open a dialogue with the school authorities but to no avail.

Even as some local media representatives joined in to cover the protest expecting an open discussion with the administration or the Principal, the school turned a deaf ear.

Parents have unanimously sought enquiry into the exorbitant hike in school fees from last year.

“Vishwajyot has shockingly increased the school fees by more than 50 percent in the past two years,” said an angry parent.

There have also been instances of errors in calculations of school fee records.

“Even after paying the fees in full as per the last fee structure, the schools records show a due amount of more than Rs. 27,000,” said another surprised parent.

Vishwajyot High School however, informs that it was a general protocol followed against parents who were deliberately not paying school fees.

“Some of the parents have not paid the school fees even after being given ample amount of time and options. The fee too was hiked as per the rules and regulations and with consent of the Parent-Teacher Association,” said one of the school representatives.

The school says that the cancellation of admission was taken in accordance with a court order and after following due legal process. They further informed that the school had been lenient in not cancelling the admissions of students of class 10 who had not paid the school fees.

There had also been relaxed payment options for parents undergoing financial crisis.

Meanwhile, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has been following close complaints of exorbitant fees being charged by several school throughout city schools.

As many as five private schools in Navi Mumbai have been issues with show-cause notices for their decision to discontinue online classes of students for non-payment of fees.

All further action will be taken after thorough scrutiny of the replies sent by the schools and their overall approach to the matter.

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