How to celebrate Diwali safely amid covid-19

Diwali celebrations will be different this year owing to the pandemic and hence some precautions have to be taken for general safety during this festival of lights

Diwali 2020 calls for some extra precautions given the ongoing pandemic situation

Diwali is almost here and people are with mixed feelings. Some are aware that it would be just like all the other festivals that came before it and hence they are already keeping their festival plans humble. However, there is another lot of people who are simply waiting to vent it out on nature through a bashful display of celebrations and the bursting of crackers. Anyway, we believe that in general, people will behave rationally and won’t ignore the pandemic induced norms.

So while there shouldn’t be a lavish display of Diwali celebrations, there will still be things to be taken care of during the humble celebrations of Diwali 2020.

Following is a list of simple guidelines to be followed when celebrating Diwali to ensure the safety of everyone.

List of things to follow to celebrate Diwali 2020 safely amid covid-19

Don’t host large Diwali events and gatherings

Needless to mention, there cannot be any large gathering at any place, for any community or personal celebration of Diwali. Keep the numbers low at all times.

Prepare Diwali treats at home as much as possible

Diwlai is a festival of sweets as well and all of us crave for the mithais and laddus available at the sweet marts. However, it would be advisable to prepare as much as possible at home and be content with it. You can prepare Karanjis, chakhalis, shankarpalis, laddus, halva, kheeer and a lot more at home. Give them a try.

Try to skip the crackers this Diwali

The pollution caused by crackers during Diwali harms a lot many people in a lot many way. However, during covid-19 times, it will be doing more harm than imagined as the smoke hastens the onset of the coronavirus symptoms and can cause problems to those who have recently recovered.

As a matter of fact many states in India have already placed a ban on firecrackers this Diwali.

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Keep sanitizer bottles away from fire

Sanitizers are alcohol based and are easy to catch fire. Hence, all sanitizer bottles should be stored away from fire, namely diyas, candles etc.

Don’t sanitize your hands when lighting diya, candles or crackers

Keep in mind not to sanitize your hands right before you are about to light a diya or a candle or even crackers. As said earlier, sanitizers are alcohol based and inflammable. Your hands might catch fire leading to serious injury. The best option would be to wash your hands with soap and water before handling fire.

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Maintain social distancing as much as possible

Diwali will bring together old and new friends and hence it becomes all the more necessary to maintain social distancing. There is no need to get into physical contact. You can limit it to the Indian greeting of Namaste and wish everyone verbally.

Wear a mask at all times without fail

It will be necessary to wear a mask in Diwali, more than all the other days owing to the fact that there will be a lot of pollution outside due to the bursting of crackers. You must be well aware that pollution is termed as a catalyst of covid-19 as it can worsen it’s symptoms and cause more harm than imagined. Wear a mask at all times when outside and if possible, stay indoors.

Carry or keep water nearby for safety

It is always advisable to keep water handy in case of fire as most of the fires can be easily doused by water. A long pipe connected to the tap is advisable and if unavailable, buckets filled in advance can be handy too.

Follow the simple guidelines mentioned above and you will have a safe and sound Diwali this year.

Happy Diwali!

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