Central Park-Pendhar Metro Line likely to start from December end

The route will start from the Kharghar Central Park, going through Pethpada (sector 33), sector 34, Panchanand and end at Pendhar.

Kharghar / Taloja / Navi Mumbai: Residents of Kharghar are most likely to be able to ride the metro from December, 2021, as per news based on the latest developments in the processing of paperwork of the Navi Mumbai Metro.

Very recently, The Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) issued an Interim Speed Certificate (ISC) to the Navi Mumbai Metro after thorough scrutiny of all required documents and test certificates, which confirmed complete adherence to the guidelines of the RDSO safety manual.

The ISC has enabled and entitled the Navi Mumbai Metro to run metro trains between the Central Park metro station and Pendhar metro station route at the maximum operational speed.

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Next in line is an inspection and approval by the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS), which will enable the Navi Mumbai Metro to commence commercial runs on the route.

The Central Park – Pendhar Metro route will cover Central Park, Pethpada (sector 33), sector 34, Panchanand and Pendhar.

In a broader sense, it will connect sectors 19, 20, 33, 34, 35 of Kharghar with sectors in and around Taloja Panchanand/Pendhar.

Residents of Kharghar and Taloja are excited about the news and expect an entire different travelling experience from December, 2021.

Shubham Vishwakarma, a resident of Taloja, says, “It is good news for those who travel between Taloja and Kharghar frequently for house errands or other work in sectors 19 and 20 of Kharghar.”

“They will now be able to travel in air-conditioned rail cars, without any hassles, and maybe spend less too, compared to auto fares in Kharghar,” he adds.

With construction speeding up on the Navi Mumbai Metro, office goers in and around Kharghar and Taloja are hopeful of being able to get a convenient ride up to Kharghar and Belapur railway stations, on their way to work, and back.

Pradeep S., a resident of Taloja, shares, “The metro will be a very convenient and fast mode of transport to the Belapur railway station, which is near my office, from my house in Taloja.”

“It will save me the hassle of waiting for and travelling in a bus or tumtum every day. Let’s hope that the CBD-Belapur Metro station gets linked in a year’s time,” he adds.

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