World Photographyday

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The Origin of Photography

The Daguerreotype process was developed by Louis Daguerre in the year  1837, and it became a monumental milestone in the recognition and journey of photography.

On August 19, 1839, the French government introduced it to the world as a gift and in doing so, birthed 'Photography', which later went on to become the celebration of the 'World Photography Day'.

Global Introduction

The World Photography Day is about embracing a universal language of images, one that transcends all borders - cultural, linguist, mental and others. It is a day to express visual emotions.

Essence of this day

Global trends and events

On this day, social media platforms turn into digital galleries for personal visual narratives. Photography contests, exhibitions, and workshops are held in celebrations worldwide.

How can you celebrate?

· Document a day in your life · Explore new perspectives · Pay homage to classics · Share stories behind your photos · Host a virtual exhibition · Join workshops or webinars