6 Best Delicious Sweets for Ganesh Chaturthi

Ukadiche Modak

Discover the traditional Maharashtrian sweet dumpling filled with jaggery and coconut, a beloved treat for Lord Ganesha.

Talniche Modak

A unique twist on the classic modak, Talniche Modak adds a delightful sesame crunch to this festive favorite.


Dive into South India's Sweet Kozhukattai, a steamed rice flour dumpling filled with coconut and jaggery.

Poornam Boorelu

Savor the rich flavors of Poornam Boorelu, a Telugu delight filled with a sweet and nutty lentil mixture.


Karnataka's beloved Obbattu, also known as Puran Poli, is a delectable sweet flatbread filled with chana dal and jaggery.


Experience the melt-in-your-mouth joy of Sandesh, a Bengali sweet made from fresh paneer, sugar, and a hint of cardamom.